Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

This Really Takes the Cake

I thought I'd share something besides shed information for a moment. (It seems I have been sharing a lot about that shed lately.)

I was pretty amused at the sight I was greeted with when I got up this morning as I was preparing to prime the shed's trim.

Do you remember how we discussed the fact that Speedy carried stuffed animals, slippers, and other soft furry things around the house? Then she yowled over the prize she "caught".

She doesn't stop the yowling once you praise her for the good work either. (I thought that some of your stories may help us figure out this puzzle. Apparently she's not looking for praise.) Anyway, LOOK what she's been bringing up lately!

No, not those video game remotes behind her. In front of her. She has some rubber animals. One of them is understandable since it is gray and has a tail, if your eyesight isn't so good it COULD conceivably be mistaken as a mouse. The other one? Not so much. A bright green dragon with wings? How could that be mistaken for a mouse of any sort? Weird cat.

Oops, geez! Where did the time go? I'd better go make dinner before we head off for football practice!

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