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Back To School

Summer's over already. I don't think it hit 90 here this year at all. I know it never made it into the 100's. I'm wondering if all of this cool weather threw off the bus company's schedule or something. Why? School starts tomorrow and I still haven't been informed of the bus numbers or pick up times for my kids this year. Say WHAT?

I guess we're taking a trip into town to bring the kids to school! Cheesehead is wondering how the kids will know what bus number they should get onto. I imagine that it's the same number as last year, the teachers usually have a list of what bus number the kids should get on. I assured him I would call and get eeverything figured out when the kids are off at school. What a fiasco!

I was so nervous the first year we lived here. You see, I'm usually an organized person. I am used to knowing my kids' teachers and bus assignments a few weeks in advance at least. My son went to school for 3 years and I always found out the end of July what bus he'd be riding and who his teacher would be. It was like clockwork. I got letters in the mail, it worked out really slick.

The first year we lived here we found out the kids' teachers names the Friday before labor day. I don't remember when we got the call from the bus company, but I'm fairly certain it was before the first day of school!

Want to know how we find out the kids' teacher's names now?

This is son's school lists.

And here's Peanut's. I had never heard of anything like this before moving here. All of the schools in the district do it this way. I suppose it saves a ton of money on postage, but I think it would be nice to get an email or something. I mean, they have to know their class lists long before the names are posted, don't they? How do (did) your kids find out who their teachers are?

Son is going through the lists making sure everything is in his back pack. It should be, I packed them at the end of July. I just thought I'd help him feel responsible for getting his stuff together. He liked his new scientific calculator. He was supposed to have one last year too, but I had just bought him a $15 calculator the year before and I was just a bit annoyed at having to buy another calculator already. I still need to buy his large box of tissues, but somehow I doubt they'll need all 20 some boxes of tissues on the first day anyway.

Now the kids are snuggled in bed freshly showered, their lunches are packed, supplies are labelled, new lunch pails are chilling in the freezer, and their clothes are laid out ready to be put on in the morning.

The kids don't feel that summer should be over. They grumbled at the early bed times. I think they'll be glad of it once they start getting up at 6 am every morning though.

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