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I Don't Think I'll be able to Join DAR

Many of my cyber friends have told me that they are members of the DAR. In case you don't study ancestry that means Daughters of the American Revolution. It took them much research to find their family members who were involved in the Revolution, but it seems I may never have the chance to trace my roots back that far. At least in America. SIGH!

I have been doing a lot of work lately on my ancestry. It's been made even more interesting working with my cousins on tracing the Wolf family connections. We have made many great discoveries and I have found back to when most of my relatives came to America.

It seems that most of my Great Great Grandparents are the ones who came over from their homeland. All of them from my dad's side came from Sweden, which makes me 50% Swedish. They came between 1880 and 1900 for the most part. It's funny though with so much Swede in me I was never raised with traditional Swedish celebrations, foods, or crafts. Maybe it was because my parents weren't interested in holding on to their roots or something, I don't know. I find myself wanting to learn more about the countries that my ancestors came from.

My mom's side is a whole different story though. My grandma's parents came over from Finland around the 1880-1900 era too. My grandma is 100% Finnish which makes me 25% Fin. Now I need to search for those lines in Finland, I imagine it won't be an easy task since I can't utter a word of Finnish. My grandpa's side has lived in America for a very long time though apparently so it's hard to pin the country of their origin. A distant relative has traced the line all the way back to England. I haven't been able to solidify all of their findings yet, but I'm working on it! They seem to be my only hope in finding any relatives who were in the revolutionary war. There were many military people in my family in recent years so I'm sure I will continue finding a strong military connection as I work back through time.

Many of my grandpa's relatives made their homes in Guilford County North Carolina in the early to mid 1800's before eventually making a path to MN from there living in several state in between times. It's hard to find them all though since the main last name I'm looking for is Bowman. I never knew that Bowman was such a common name! When I was growing up the only Bowmans I ever knew were my cousins. Who knew? That puzzle will take some time, but it will be an interesting hunt. I am hoping to at least discover if any of them fought in the civil war. I'm sure some of them may have, but at this point it's hard to know for sure one way or another.

I'm not exactly sure why, but the plantations and the civil war era fascinates me. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies and Scarlet O'Hara won my affections even though she was manipulative and oh so naughty.

I never used to be too into history when I was growing up, but now it seems that I just can't get enough. Is that just something that we need to grow older to appreciate?
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