Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Peanut had her first sleepover last night. She's never had one before even though she's almost 8 because she wasn't quite old enough to have a sleepover when we lived in MN and it's taken her some time to make good friends at our "new" home. No pictures though since I don't have friend's parent's permission to publish pictures to the internet.

We stopped at the library and they picked up some movies to watch before we headed home after school last night. They made a band, played a few video games, attempted to knit (but with crochet needles), and played dress-up.

I don't know about you, but isn't the whole point of a sleepover to stay up late into the night whispering and playing? Peanut and her friend decided to go to bed early last night and rise early this morning to play instead. Normally it wouldn't be a huge problem, but it was horrifically early. They got up at five o'clock! That in itself wouldn't be SO bad, but they are NOT quiet at all and neither of them will listen to the warnings of shush or no more sleepovers.

Poor Cheesehead worked late last night. He needs his rest because he's doing it again today. I had plans to sleep in, but it got changed because of their boisterous behavior.

I got up about 6 times to ask them to be quiet before my clock even read 6 (which is set faster than the other clocks in the house because I like the appearance of getting up when it's almost 6 during the week). I gave up on sleeping after that in hopes of at least allowing Cheesehead his much needed rest. He hasn't come out of the room yet, but somehow I don't know that my attempts have been worth the effort. I might as well be speaking to the wall they're listening so well.

No more sleepovers for these two, they apparently don't know how to listen! Neither of them knows how to sit and watch a movie quietly. Boy am I tired.

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