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Do NOT Copy

Wii Fit

My mom gave us some Christmas money and we decided as a family that we should all pool our gift money together to get a family gift which was the Wii fit.

We have been trying for quite some time to get our hands on a Wii fit but they never seem to be in stock anywhere. We had even started looking way before Christmas. It's just crazy how popular all of this stuff is!

Cheesehead has a wonderful friend from work whose husband works at a retailer that sells electronics, she offered to have her husband keep an eye out for one for us. He saw that they got the Wii fit that we have been looking for and picked it up for us.

The first time I tried it I ended up being a giant snowball. I had Son demonstate the snowball for you. It's hard to see in this picture, but we laughed so hard.

There are over 40 activities to choose from when you unlock everything you can do. So far son has already reached his goal of losing 3 pounds. I suppose I should check how I'm doing towards reaching my goal.

I have found this to be very motivating for him especially, he just has to be number one at everything. I think it was a wise investment for our couch potato family. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Mom!

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