Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Not Working out So Well...

I'm working on teaching myself how to crochet. I did really well with making the chain stitch, but apparently I can't seem to do the rest of it right.
After easily figuring out the chain stitch I decided to make a project right away. I think it must have been a bad idea. Peanut wanted a pink scarf, so I got busy.

My first attempt looked rather awkward and knotted looking with lots of waves in it. I asked around the teacher's lounge and found someone who knows how to do basic knitting. She told me that it was looking like that because I wasn't wrapping the yarn from the same direction onto the hook each time. It got rather short and ended up looking like a collar. I guess that's what it will end up being. It should be perfect for one of Peanut's shirts.

My second attempt was also sad looking. Not so knotty, but still short. This time I asked around the 6th grade classroom I was in that day. One of the girls told me that it was because I was pulling the yarn too tight. It was the perfect size to make a headband for Peanut and it will match perfectly with that collar I just made.

The third one I made I stopped trying for the scarf and tried to make a square instead. That ended up looking like a C. I must have done something else wrong with this, but the accidental C looked rather nice so I decided it would be a cute decoration on the shirt that it getting a new collar.

I was running rather short on pink yarn by this point so I switched to this beautiful kelly green.

I thought that I finally got it figured out and attempted another scarf. This one looks very nice except for the fact that it got so darn short. I must be pulling it too tight again, but I can't seem to get it any looser. Any suggestions?

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