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Do NOT Copy

Plant Questions, Awards, and Some Random Ramblings

I am thinking about planting grapes and blueberries together in my front yard. Would that be a bad idea? I know that I read somewhere on average that most types of grapes need to be about 8 feet from each other. I am wondering if I planted them 12 feet apart and placed two blueberry bushes in between them would they compete with each other too much? I have in mind to plant them in a rectangular area along the side of my driveway in an area that's about 20 by 26 or so. (Well, at least that's the size I'm hoping that it is. I haven't actually measured it yet since there's still a few feet of snow covering the area.)

I want four different kinds of grape bushes and would have two separate rows of them spaced 12 feet apart. I think it would be great to have a variety because I would get a prolonged growing season. It is also said to increase the yields of blueberry bushes when you plant more than one variety. The types of grapes that I am thinking about planting are Concord, Reliance, Mars, and Marquis. Blueberries I'm toying with growing are Jersey, Semi-Dwarf Northland, Dwarf Northblue, Brunswick, Patriot Hybrid, and Healthy Rubel. Has anyone ever grown any of these? Any advice?

I've also heard that growing hyssop is supposed to increase the yields of grape crops. I wonder if I'd be able to plant them as ground cover under the grape bushes. I am thinking about putting a path around the edge of the bushes and placing some strawberries in the middle of the path's square.

A while ago I got some awards from my blogging buddies. I've been so deep into plant research, parenting, working (hurray!), spring cleaning (even though I know it's still winter), setting up a financial plan to help us get out of debt, teaching myself how to crochet, and organizing that elusive craft room I haven't gotten around to writing about them.

Barbee was so sweet to give me a blogging buddy award. Thank you Barbee!

Debbi gave me a creative blogger award too. How long ago was that? I wonder if I can even find her post related to this....

Yay, I found it!

I should write more about these awards, but after a full day at the middle school I am feeling a bit drained. Trying to keep my patience in check is hard to do when the students aren't acting in the ways I am accustomed to. Maybe it would have been better if I waited to post about these awards until I was feeling a bit more sparkly and creative.... With my memory I'm sure I'll forget to post about them though. I will not award these as suggested in the "rules". I just can't think that much right now!

How pathetic am I? Here it is not even 8:30 at night and I feel tired and ready for bed. Am I 100 years old or something? I'm even too tired to ramble any more!

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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