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Random Chatter and Is it Spring Already?

I just want to take a minute to apologize for not visiting much lately at your blogs. I'm usually much more sociable, but I've been extremely busy lately. I thought I might share a (not so) brief update with you.

This winter has been a busy time of preparing for the coming gardening year. I have been a regular book worm lately. The library has many wonderful resources for us to use. I have been researching everything I can pertaining to vegetable gardening so I can prove to Cheesehead that not every vegetable garden I grow is doomed to failure (among other things, obviously).

What's past is past and this year my garden will be magnificent (I hope). Besides, I was suffering from depression when I had those other gardens. Too lazy to do the work even though I still harbored an inner desire to grow food for my family. This time the kids even sound like they're enthusiastic about helping me, they've been excitedly telling me all kinds of wonderful vegetables that we should grow. Sure, that will probably only last a few days into the season, but one can hope they remain gardening enthusiasts, right?

I have also been internet surfing and scouring the pages of seed and plant catalogs that have pouring into my mailbox. I want to find edible plants that suit our growing conditions and I can't choose plants that require too much extra attention. My garden size is optimistically large for a rather new vegetable gardener and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

I got my garden area in my craft room mostly together as well. I am so excited. Soon I will be starting my seeds. I'm a bit nervous about this as well since I only tried starting seeds one other time and I failed miserably. I won't let that fact deter me from trying again. As the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed try try again!

If I knew it would stay as nice as it is today I'd run into town to get seeds now, but it's not usually so pleasantly warm here in February so I'd probably be jumping the gun. I'd better hold off for just a bit although I'm tempted to be live that spring really is here. I mean the trees are practically bending over in the warm winds that are whooshing through the trees. Isn't that a true sign that spring is coming?

Last year it wasn't like this until late April or early May. That was rather late though. Have we skipped February and jumped right into March? If so I'd be able to get a nice early start on my garden! Today we might have a record high of 47 degrees. We aren't far from it now and it's early yet.

The roads were slick like solid sheets of ice as I walked Peanut to the bus this morning. We got our first rain of the year and my tennis shoes could really tell. It felt as if I were gliding over ice at a skating rink instead of walking in fairly new tennis shoes. Now I know why mom used to drive bolts into the bottoms of her shoes when she went running in the winter. As I got half way down the driveway I found myself wishing I had put on my boots instead, then I could walk in the nice thick blanket of snow.

You sure can tell when you've been walking extra carefully on ice going uphill, there are muscles you tighten that you aren't used to using when you walk naturally. I guess I've gotten my workout for the day in!

Just yesterday I couldn't see anything but the roof of the wishing well in the shade garden I created last year. Now, I can see most of the wishing well and most of the bench nearby too. That rain has taken quite a bit of our snow cover off.

My garden ornaments are peeking out from their blankets of snow too. I was going to put some salt down on my sidewalk to clear the rest of the snow off of it, but apparently the rain did that job for me.

Look! There are even a couple of areas in my yard that I can see the ground already. I guess I'll have to get on the ball if I want some seeds to be ready soon. Hooray!

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