Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Plans For the Best Garden Ever

It's that wonderfully exhillerating time of year when many of us are in the process of implementing the plans we made over our winter hiatus from gardening. While I'm a little way from being able to carry out my plans and therefore still in my planning stages, I know that many others are out digging in the dirt already. As I read one of the five gardening books I just checked out from our local library, I thought of a few reminders that I wanted to share with you about our gardens.

1. Gardens should bring you joy, not sorrow. Don't worry about what the outside world thinks of your garden. As long as it doesn't intrude on your neighbor's life

2. When planning your garden changes, make them according to the garden aspects you enjoy. A garden should be our refuge from the crazy every day grind of a busy life, we should be able to enjoy our time in them and our work should feel like play, not a chore.

3. Don't expect perfection, because you won't get it. I don't know how many gardeners I've seen that get totally frustrated about the deer that eat all of the pansy heads. (Oh, was that ME?) A plant doesn't have to be pefect to bring us joy. Stressing about imperfections in our garden defeats the whole purpose of having a garden. I know it's hard to just roll with the punches but wouldn't it be nice if we didn't feel that everything had to be just so?

4. Gardens are as individual as it's caretakers. No two gardens can or even should be alike. What one person views as a garden, another person may not like. That's okay. We're all different, our gardens can produce a variety of niches for the wildlife that choose to inhabit them.

5. Plan your garden to suit your environment. I don't know how much work and how many headaches that keeping a simple thing like that in mind would save us. It doesn't make sense to yearn for a yard full of sun loving plants if we are limited by massive amounts of shade. If we plan our garden to fit where it will live, the garden will basically take care of itself and we can spend more time enjoying our work.

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