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July Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Bloom Day is brought to you by our wonderful friend Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Thank you Carol. This post will include my veggie garden update as well since I haven't given you one lately. Busy, busy!

This is a coconut lined basket that I'm growing a tomato out of the bottom of. It combines my flower gardens with my veggie garden, so I thought it would make a great lead off picture! The growths on the top part of the stem I told you about have turned brown so it looks like the tomato is trying to put out more roots. Note to self: please stop over watering tomato plants.

I'd like to add before I continue, that I have decided to use the camcorder I bought about 5 years ago for my pictures for now. I almost forgot I had it! I love the zoom on this thing and got some great pictures at the zoo last week. Now, on with the garden tour!

Many of my flowers from last month are still in bloom, but I won't bore you with those again. So many other pictures to post anyway.

First, the food.

We've already eaten most of the peas. Only enough for one meal. Maybe if I hadn't eaten so many right off the bush.

The peppers have flowered and appear to have been pollinated.
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No flowers on the beans yet, but boy are they huge. Don't they look like they're holding hands? Broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon, radish, and zuchinini are still growing but not near being ready for consumption. Lots of hopeful signs in the garden though!

My cucumbers have just begun to put out flowers, the blooms aren't much to look at, but you can see the mulch. I am glad I finally got them mulched with the long grass from across the road. Our yard isn't big enough to supply me with large quantities of mulch. The kids were even kind enough to rake up the grass AND help place the clippings on my gardens. Will wonders never cease?
The wild blueberries are still small, but I love the pinkish huge they're picking up. Does that mean they'll be ready to pick before the other ones?

Look at all the flowers on the potatoes. I wonder when I'll be able to start picking potatoes.

The other blueberries are getting ready too. There won't be enough this year to make much of anything, but I'm hoping we'll have lots for next year. If I'm not careful the kids will eat them all right off the bush like they've done with the strawberries.

My paintbrush pollinated apples are falling off the tree right and left. It's been a dry summer so I won't have a bountiful harvest as I had anticipated.

We're down to two apples left on the tree now. It's a shame, we had so many apples too. So much potential just dried up and withered away.

The tomatoes are bursting with blooms. This one out front has a three small tomatoes growing on it now.

Gay feathers are beautiful. My BIL thought they were really pretty until he heard the name. He wouldn't change his mind either when I told him the other name was Liatris. I picked up a few different plants on sale a couple of weeks ago and planted them around the garden shed.

I forget what particular kind of potentilla this is, but I adore the yellow with orange streaks, I'd never seen anything like it before.

Angelina sedum produce some interesting blooms too. I like them for their ease of care and how easy it is to start new plants from them. This is the third area I've placed cuttings and they are performing wonderfully there.

The yarrow attracts butterflies to our garden. The flowers are so small and delicate. I love the fern like foliage of these plants too.

I have four kinds of Astilbe in my shade garden that I will move to the area behind our garage once it's all ready for the plants. It takes a lot of work to prepare new beds for flowers and plants.

The bumble bees were loving the lavendar. I tried not to get too close. Can you believe I was around ten feet away from this guy?

Past it's prime, but still a few blooms on this plant. I think it's some kind of dianthus though I'm not completely positive. I seem to remember something about fire being in it's name. I wonder if I still have the tag? This is a plant that came with me from my Big Lake garden.

The baskets and containers are really filling out too. I had a Martha Washington Geranium last year too, but I think the stones in the pot really help it to flourish more profusely than the plant I had last year.

My Beards tongue managed to bloom and pass it's prime since my last post. How could I have been too busy to get a picture of them? Geez, I guess I'm slipping this year!

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