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The Health Care Debate

People seem to have many issues with our health care system. I want to present some problems that I see with the health care system as it currently stands and open it up for debate/discussion. I have included numbers with each point to make discussing each issue easier to follow.

1. One of the main problems with our system is the greed that runs so rampantly through it all. If people aren't in the health care industry to help others, they should get out. Health care is supposed to be about making people get well, not putting money in doctor's, corporation's, or insurance company's pockets. Some people are bound to be harder to get healthy, that's just a fact of life.

2. We need to place more emphasis on prevention of health problems. If more insurance companies paid for things that could help prevent something expensive from happening we wouldn't have to spend so much money on the complications that arise from those conditions.

3. We need to figure out ways to cut excess expenses out of our system. Do assistants really need their own assistants? Do we need to have 10 different people to check you into the clinic to see if all of our information is current? Yes= go to appointment. No= update information. Is it that hard? One or two people should be all that any place should need.

4. Insurance companies need to stop putting conditions on what they will and will not cover. If they will pay for one well visit a year great. I HATE the fact that our insurance will only pay for a dietician IF someone has been diagnosed with diabetes. Not for a person who's prediabetic. HUH???

5. I think we need to put caps on what can be charged for procedures. Does it really cost a hospital $3,000 for someone to be in their ER for 1/2 an hour with kidney stones? I hardly think so. IF it does, they really need to find a cheaper way to do it!

6. Doctors should trust the results of tests run by other doctors. Why does each doctor of three need to run their own tests? If some of them are duplicates can't they just use the results that you've already gotten? No wonder some people pay their medical bills for years!

7. Drug companies should not be allowed to give incentives to doctors or clinics in order for them to prescribe their products. No wonder some of the name brand prescriptions cost so much! Between payoffs, research, and advertising it's just crazy!

8. More tests does not make for better service. Find the problem in the most logical way possible.

9. Do we need to run to the doctor for every little cold we have? Antibiotics will not cure a cold. I know people that take their children to the doctor every time they run a fever. I wonder if they've ever heard of teething causing a fever...

10. If companies are going to charge money for services provided, shouldn't they actually provide services? Why pay $600 per month for insurance in order for us to pay 1/2 of the bill when we're really only supposed to pay 20%.

11. It's not really the fact that I'd be against universal coverage if it really was universal. I am afraid that it will end up being a welfare suplement and I will be excluded because of my finances. It seems I always make too much money to qualify for any type of services.

12. The government has a way of goofing up a lot of well intentioned things. I do not want them running our health care system though I would appreciate more oversight pertaining to some issues I have discussed above. The way they run medicare and medicaid is going to make them run out of money. They need a better strategy.

13. Did I miss any important major issues?

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