Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Reader's Digest Article

I know that many of you wanted to know when our article was going to get published in the Reader's Digest. It is in April 2011 edition. Our story is on pages 100 & 101. It is in the larger section on how the recession has changed us.

The photographers were here all day shooting tons of video and pictures of all of my eclectic activities. They said some of it may be used for the ipad app that goes along with the article, though I didn't see any mention of it. I can't verify either since I am too cheap to buy an ipad.

When we got it in the mail the magazine was snatched from my hands and read by both of the children before I got the chance to read it. They were very excited to get their picture put in such a big magazine. My daughter brought our subscription copy to school today so she could share it with her teacher and class mates.

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Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'll have to check that out. Happy almost spring!