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Can it Be? Is That Spring I See? Can I Really Have Chickens?
Wow, it has been the longest winter ever! Snowfall after snowfall, cold weather would not leave, and the sun keeps hiding behind the voluminous gray clouds. The plants are so confused they don't even seem to know if they should come up or stay dormant. Finally it is almost May and things are coming to life.

The weather is warming up to melt the final remnants of snow that lays in the shady areas of yards and ditches. Piles shrinking little by little each day until they will finally disappear. Some of the piles are so well hidden by the many layers of sand thrown out during the winter they can't even be distinguished from the surrounding ground.

When the sun comes up, not only do my spirits lift, but it seems that the plants' do too. These buds would not swell, I've been examining them for weeks as the snow has slowly tried to creep away. Not matter how much snowfall we had gotten to ensure plentiful amounts of water, without the sun they refused to come out.

This is the first season that we will be able to harvest some rhubarbs from our plants. We planted two of them a few years ago, patiently waiting for the roots to grow strong enough to withstand the harvesting of the luscious stems. I have heard many people have already begun to harvest, but our leaves are just beginning to unfurl from it's winter sleep. I caught them when they were just beginning their wake up stretch. Now I will just need to come up with some tantalizing recipes to feed my family with. I am not sure if we will get enough of a harvest that we will be able to can any this year though, but only time will tell.
As my final shot I am showing you the future location of the chicken coop my husband has finally begun talking about building for me. Apparently I will be having a bit of work to do as well before we can place anything here. Our subdivision bylaws say that we can have a few birds if they are caged, so we will be building a nice big run for them too. I have yet to come up with plans for these things though. Any thoughts or advise from the chicken keepers out there?
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