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Wart Removal

Aspirin I bought for $1
Have you ever had an unsightly wart that you wanted to remove?  Well, no more doctor visits to burn them off.  I found a great solution on the Internet.  Yeah, I know you can't trust everything you find on the Internet but sometimes it's worth a shot, right?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all.  I had all of the ingredients, so why not?

Ingredients: Aspirin, water (or any liquid containing water really), band-aids or duct tape, and a container to keep your paste in.

I used koumbacha tea and  aloe vera gel also in mine.

One aspirin in oil in a baggie
In my searches you crushed the aspirin then added a liquid.  Well, crushing pills is a pain if you ask me, so I decided to take a short cut and just dissolve the aspirin in the liquid.  It can be difficult to cover the aspirin in liquid in a regular container, so I used a baggie.  I didn't want large amounts of paste  I had recently started brewing my own koumbacha tea, so I used that.  I think I had originally used about 5 aspirin, but this shows the techniques used.  This was an experiment.  Note the picture shows the aspirin in oil.  Yeah, that didn't work.  It needs to be water based liquid.  I just thought I'd try oil because my original mix started drying out.
Paste in container

Once the aspirin are dissolved, place in a container and mix well.  I added a little aloe-vera gel to thicken my paste a bit and added goodness that aloe is known for (skin healing and restoration).  I mixed it with a plastic knife and used it to apply the paste to the wart.  Once it is covered with paste you cover it up to keep the it from washing off.

A couple of additional pointers:  Don't leave the band-aid in place for several days though, I did once and it didn't look so great.

It doesn't need to be applied daily in order for it to work.  I think I only remembered 5 or 6 times or so over the course of treatment and it still worked

The wart will discolor,  that is normal and means it is dying.

 The skin around the wart may dry out a bit from being in contact with the solution.  I am wondering if that is one reason people add oil to theirs.  I think next time I will add vitamin E oil to mine.

The paste will separate a bit, just mix it back together before using it.

This totally worked for me.  I tried to take a picture of my finger after the wart fell off, but you couldn't see it in the pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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