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Do NOT Copy

Unexpected Benefits from Tough Circumstances

My husband has never not worked since he was 16 years old.  After he graduated from college he worked even harder.  We got married when he was 23 and he has worked very hard ever since to be the provider for our family.  He started out working 40 hours a week, but most jobs require more than that.  With the recent job situation his employers had decided not to give him a raise in ten years, so he began working more and more each year to give us enough money to live on.

Well, as we all know, working more and more every year is only sustainable for so long.  He had been working the equivalent of 2 full time jobs at one employer, between the hours he put in at work and his commuting time and it just wasn't worth it any more.  We never got to see him, he had to take care of everything at his work because his boss was lazy, he wasn't able to get a decent night's sleep, he was usually so busy he skipped meals eating once per day, he was getting scheduled so he only had 4 hours to sleep between shifts, and it was just getting out of hand.

Lately we have been exhibiting some health issues.  While they don't sound incredibly serious and most people just write off things like fatigue and sleeplessness as aging, I think it is something more.   I am convinced that he has adrenal fatigue, I have hashimotos, my son is pre-diabetic, and so far our daughter seems unaffected.  It is amazing that my research points to all of these issues having the same root causes and treatments for these issues.

I think quitting his job is a way to get him out of an impossible situation that he would have never left if his boss hadn't been such a total and complete ass.  That is the biggest benefit I can see from this situation.  If you add to that the fact that we now feel free to cut back in so many areas we never felt completely comfortable giving up before, we are doubly blessed.  Having so little has taught us to do without so many things that we refused to let go of.

Cheesehead is slowly recovering after changing some long standing bad health habits that he picked up because of his hectic work schedule and the unrealistic expectations that he put upon himself.  I am glad to help him to become the person he was meant to be. I will use all of my years of study and knowledge to help our family along this path to better health.  I will keep you informed of what we do and the progress that we make.

Our first steps are to cut back further on drinking soda, eat less simple sugars and processed foods including gluten containing foods, and keep to regular schedules including meals and sleep times.  We have also been visiting a chiropractor as well.

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