Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

6 unimportant things about me

1. My huband says I am the cheapest person he knows. I am very good at stretching a dollar, I can be VERY creative when I need to get a little bit of extra money.

2. I am a kid at heart. I love to play with my kids and just act like them. Who says you can't be a 33 year old kid anyway? I can get just as caught up in the game as they do! We play lots of games, both board games AND video games. My favorite video games are Harvest Moon and Zelda. I'm pretty good at those, not so much the others. They're still fun to play even if I end up loosing!

3. The kids and I LOVE to watch movies together. We watch all kinds of them. I guess our top types are Feature Films for Families, Disney movies, and Star Wars movies. We love to have popcorn and cheese when we watch them too! I even bought them those plastic popcorn containers.

4. I am very handy. I am good at fixing things that most people would just throw away nowadays. I don't like to add to the landfills if I can get something to work again.

5. I love window shopping. It's ALMOST as fun as shopping for real, except you don't have the credit card bills to pay coming a month after the trip. We often go on family excursions to Wausau and come back wihout having spent much money excpet for lunch.

6. My favorite subjects in school were science related. I like plants, animals, rocks, space, and studying the human body. I find the natural world is fascinating!
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