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Do NOT Copy

Deer Candy

This is what our lawn looked like before we worked on it. It was weedless almost. We added a few inches of topsoil and lime to it before we did the grade work. It was starting to look pretty decent last fall before the snow flew. Now I need to find plants that will grow in these conditions. Any suggestions?

Look what those deer (Cheesehead calls them giant rats) did to my poor arborvitae! There a 2 tiny sprigs of green left growing on there, if you squint just right you may be able to see them! I need to find some plants that all the forest critters will allow me to enjoy. Somehow I just don't want to spend money on plants that will end up looking like this. Oh, did I mention our soil is beach-like, acidic, and fairly shady?

I'm new to zone 3 so I'm having trouble. My old yard had no animal problems, plenty of sunlight, decent soil (it was still fairly sandy but nowhere close to the rock and sand I have now), and was not acidic. Nothing like being thrown into completely different conditions!

I'm working on researching plants and stuff right now. I'd welcome any suggestions you may have!
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