Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

No painting got done today...

UGH! What a day. As if it weren't bad enough that Cheesehead is out of town tonight for seminars! I won't be able to sleep tonight without him here.

Here's a run down of my day.
First off, my paint clothes were still in the washer. I had to put them through the dryer before I could start. Once I slipped into my toasty warm painting clothes, I realized that I couldn't find my paint brushes OR roller frames. It took me about 10 minutes to track down a flat head screw driver so I could take all of the wall plates down. Then I was off to look for the rest of my supplies. I never bothered to finish finding the paint brush and frame since I ALSO couldn't find the spackle. I must have looked for at least 1/2 an hour! I have to fill in all the nail holes from TBO's pictures before I paint, so painting today.

Once I changed back into my t-shirt and sweatpants I found out the "mouse" got back in the house. EEWWWWW!!!! Only it wasn't a mouse after all, it was a mole. It's snout was WAY too long to be a mouse. I actually got a close up look at it today since once of my kitties must have gotten to it before I did! (GOOD CAT!) Poor thing was dead as a door nail when I got to it with my fistful of paper towel. (I sure as heck wasn't going to touch it with my bare hands!) I know it couldn't have been the poison already since it would take more than one day for it to get the full effects of the poison. Poor cats thought they found a fun new toy that moves all by itself only to have their fun destroyed by over use of their teeth!

THEN I got a call from one of my banks. Apparently my account has been transferred from one person to another at the bank, only he didn't get her all of the papers she needs. Now I needed to resend the information for the 5th time. I sure hope she got them. I haven't heard back from her yet either so I don't know how to confirm that she got everything.

I need chocolate!
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