Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Does anyone have an umbrella that I can borrow?

This is where the whole gallon of paint spilled. Nice color, wasn't it?

This is where son started walking AFTER stepping in the previous paint puddle.

OMG! Seriously? As if I don't have enough to deal with.

Do you remember how I was going to paint to relieve my stress the other day... but couldn't because I couldn't find my stuff? Well, stupidly I left the paint and supplies in the corner of the room I was planning to paint- you know, so I wouldn't have to gather what I actually DID find up again? (hits self on forehead with heel of hand) Talk about STUPID!!!!

Kids haven't played in that room for MANY days. Guess what? They decided to play in there tonight. Knocked the gallon of paint on it's side! It was my gorgeous purple paint that I freecycled from the paints at my old house. I loved the color! So, now the whole gallon is spilled all over the light beige carpeting that's not even two years old yet. UGH!

If that weren't bad enough... I was going to take a picture of it so I could at least document the color and my camera is broke! Not to mention the fact that I can't get to the point where no more paint comes out of the carpet when I blot it with a paper towel.

Any ideas how to get the carpet clean? Cheesehead is going to totally freak out when I tell him about this fiasco!
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