Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I'm it!

I've been tagged by Shady Gardener. Once tagged, you are to write a post listing ten weird, random facts or habits about yourself. Then you find 5 people to tag. Not only do you list them at the end of the post, you have to tell why you chose them. Next, you must leave a "You've been tagged" comment on their blog. They'll come back to read the details. Once these good people have posted their list, they must remember to let you know. One good thing - they can't tag you (or me) back! ;-)

1. I have 2 cats- one for each child. Each owner named their own cat. TBO's cat is Speedy (the cat who acts like a dog) and Peanut's is Sweetie (she likes to pee in empty cardboard boxes, NO clue why!).

2. Both Dad and FIL loved fishing. I'd like to be able to pass on the passion for fishing to my kids, but apparently none of the fishing knowledge Dad shared with me ever soaked through my thick skull.

3. I have one sister who doesn't seem to care for either my husband or myself. I'm not sure what we ever did to earn her scorn.

4. I carry a small package of kleenex in my purse. I may spontaneously burst into tears at a moment's notice and I want to fulfill my girlscout motto and always be prepared!

5. I like to sew. I've made many things such as curtains and pillows. I even made a dress once. It's never been worn. (Hey, I said I LIKED to sew, not that I'm GOOD at sewing. BIG difference!)

6. I feel like I'm good at this game since I like to babble on and on about random topics that most people couldn't care less about!

7. As much as I complain about snow, I don't think I could feel the true spirit of Christmas without it. (Easter though, THAT'S another story altogether!)

8. I like playing video games. My favorite is Harvest Moon. You're a farmer who talks to people, loves up the animals, and plants things. Kind of like me in real life except I never get my mitts on that much money in real life!

9. I enjoy reading and writing. I bet you can't tell from all of the posts I'm constantly making....

10. I'm trying to work on loosing some weight, but this computer can be kind of addicting. I don't get much of a chance to see many people face to face!

I tag Anna at Flower Garden Girl because I feel like we're kindred spirits going through similar trials and tribulations, Joy at Garden Joy 4 Me because I enjoy chatting with her, Melanie at Old Country Gardens since she seems like a neat person I'd like to get to know better, Syl because we've been friends for almost as long as I can remember and I want to see if she can come up with things I don't already know :), and Kathi at Lavender, Lace and Thyme to give her something to do while she waits for all this snow to melt!

Leave me a message and a backlink. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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