Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

The wild one

Introducing Sweetie! (Another cat I did NOT name!)

Have you ever heard the expression that curiosty killed the cat? Well, this is the first cat it would probably kill. She is always into anything new and/or different around our house. She is the first to notice that our suitcase smells different after out visit to MIL's. She turns her head to any of the faintest of noises thus making it VERY hard to get a good face shot of any kind. She sees thing flying in the air that I can not see. I'd think it was her imagination if Speedy didn't come and join her in the watching of the flight path!

If we leave anything on the counter she is up there to check it out. Naughty as all get out. (Hmm, she DOES remind me of her owner....) The other day I left some hamburger buns on the counter, when we woke up they were on the floor and the bag was torn to shreads with bites out of the buns. The culprit? Well, I guess I wasn't awake to see it, but my guess would be this little honey!

She's also a fraidy cat too. If you are spraying air freshner in the air, even if you're in another room, she's off and running for cover. She could be sitting on your lap, if you change your position at all she's had it (even if you move something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the area she's sitting on). It takes her an eternity so find a comfortable place when she's sitting on your lap. This is the cat I found to catch the mole that got into our house. I brought her into my bedroom and she ran and hid under the bed. It was dark under there for me to see anything, but I could just picture those two sitting side by side under the bed quaking in fear.

She likes to sit in Cheesehead's chair for whatever reason. If he's sitting on the couch by me she'd prefer to sit in his chair. We move too much when we sit by each other apparently.

Isn't the stripe down her nose just neat? I have to admit if it weren't for her face I may otherwise think she was a bit homely. Cheesehead likes to tease that it looks like she was hit by a few paintball guns. Actually I don't think that statement is too far off! There really is no pattern to her markings at all.

Her fur is the softest thing you've ever touched. When you pet her, it feels like silk. If her fur where any prettier someone might like to breed this cat for the fur. Seriously, it's SOO soft. I love to pet her. It's also very fine though, so it tends to tangle easily (another trait she shares with her owner).

Even though she's almost 4, she is still very kitten like. She likes to taunt Speedy and play with her. She waits until Speedy isn't looking and pounces on her as if she were hunting prey. If there is a marble laying anywhere on the floor of the house, this would be the cat you'd find chasing it on the linoleum at 3 in the morning.

She's got the saddest, loneliest meow I've ever heard. It has a bit of a whiny quality to it (yet another trait she shares with her owner). She starts meowing after a few minutes of play, I can't stand it so I make her let the poor thing go. I don't know if she's just talking to her or what, but it just sounds so darn sad.

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