Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Since I'm tired of posting about our lack of gardening ability and too much snow, I thought I'd tell you a bit about our beloved pets.

Today's post is about our cat Speedy. I swear, this cat THINKS she's a dog. I've never met another cat quite like her. Believe me, I've know A LOT of cats! I suppose you're wondering why I say that. Well, there are SO many reasons, I hardly know where to start! Let me count the ways....

1. Speedy LOVES to sit on our laps, she's almost never sitting anywhere that isn't with a person. Even if you're a total and complete stranger, it just DOESN'T matter.

2. She loves attention from anyone who will give it to her. Even if it means she's getting mobbed by a rambunctious child.

3. She lets my daugther drag her around (usually she somehow either gets carried upside down, over her shoulder, or being held in some other way that most cats tend not to prefer), pull her tail, grab her paws, play with her, wrap her up in baby blankets, (the list of abuses goes ON and ON) and never has a single complaint. She won't even hiss, scratch or bite her. I get fed up with her mistreatment of the poor thing before the cat does and make her let the cat go!

4. If there are any bugs in our house, you can count on this little hunter to find them AND eat it. I swear. The last bug she ate was a sand spider just a couple of days ago. I HATE spiders, so I called Speedy's attention to it and she ran right over and gobbled it up! YAY!

5. Did I tell you she comes to her name EVERY time anyone in the family calls her? Even if she doesn't know you. SERIUOSLY. How many cats can you say that about?

6. If you pat your lap, she'll jump up on it too.

7. You can't read a newspaper, book, or magazine (well, reading material of any sort) if she's sitting in your lap either, if you try she'll just sit right on top of it or poke her head around it any way that she can.

This is a picture of Speedy laying in the sun, about the only cat-like thing that she does. Cute, isn't she?

By the way, I did not name her! You can blame my son for that. You see, I got the cats each a cat when we were at a garage sale almost 4 years ago.

There were 2 kittens for sale there, I couldn't choose just one of them. Out of self defense I told hubby that we had to get one for each of the kids so they wouldn't argue. Hey, I could TOTALLY see that happening. You just don't know my kids. Quit laughing at me!

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