Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Waiting for gardening season!

I really love the warmer weather, but I just can't stand this time of year. My reasons?

1. See the sand? There is NO WAY the poor cars can stay clean with the roads looking like this!

2. See my driveway? The road is the same. In a day of two it will be glare ice until it all melts off. UGH! It melts during the day, but it's SO full of snow and shaded it freezes every night. As the snow melts it makes it even more slippery.

3. Our road has been shaded all winter, so it is not clear as most roads seem to be. As the temps rise, all of the packed snow starts melting. The melting forms MANY large, unavoidable puddles. The puddles splash on the cars and then they enter the roads which are covered with sand!

4. With temps reaching 30-50 I am itching to get out into the garden. Apparently though I can't for at least another month. It will take quite some time for all of this snow to melt and then I'll also have to wait for the yard to dry out. I know it really doesn't take so long, but lately it seems like I have to wait for everything!
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