Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

@%^*?! internet connection!

I've been kicked off the computer for a couple of days and it's been killing me! You should have heard Cheesehead. He told me when I was trying to get the internet up last night I looked like my best friend had died. Okay, I was annoyed but I'm not sure that I'd go THAT far.... I did try it about 5 times. Okay, a bit obsessive I'm sure but there was nothing good to watch even though we have satellite. Kind of makes me wonder why we bother sometimes!

I called the trouble shooting line right after I got home from school tonight and they basically told me everything I had already tried! I had a repair trip all set up for tomorrow when I got off the phone. He did tell me that I should be able to plug into any phone line so I move the modem back by my computer (which meant I used a different phone line) and it just started working again. YAY me!

I'll try to stop by and visit everyone sometime tonight.

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