Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Wonderful wildflowers!

Yes, that's a plural. These pictures even turned out somewhat decent. Since they're wild flowers they are on the small side. I couldn't get the purple ones to turn their faces to the camera.

Look at this yellow beauty all cozily nestled into a thick blanket of pine needles. I suppose I have to fess up that this flower is blooming where I don't bother raking. No one ever said I have to rake the whole yard!

These are the purple ones I told you about when I posted my dandelion picture. They sure are lovely! They're so shy all faces pointed at the ground like that.

These white flowers haven't started to fully open yet. I believe they're growing on some sort of birch tree. The bark is a reddish brown and they are not growing in a clump. Cheesehead doesn't seem to think that it's a birch, but the wood striations really look birch-like to me. Once they're fully opened I will repost the pictures.

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