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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day June 2008

What a trip. I am just settling back in, I sure am glad to be home. Boy, did my flowers start to pop open while I was gone! The peonies are almost ready to bloom, I'll have to do a seperate post for them as I am sure they will be done blooming by the time the next bloom day rolls around. Usually they would already be done blooming by now, but it's been rather cool this spring.

When I left, only the creeping phlox was in full bloom, now several others have opened as well. There are many more almost ready to pop open too.

The phlox I have chosen to feature is one of many, the tag identifies it as candy stripe. I have pink and purple ones as well, but I didn't want to upload all of them. Sorry, I guess I'm just being a bit lazy! Obviously this was taken some time ago, but it is still blooming.

We also have several wild flowers. I'm not sure what these are called, but we have both orange and yellow ones. Only a few of them are open, but any day now the rest of the buds will be unfurled. I just love the fuzzy stem on there plants, what great texture they add to the garden.

We also have lovely dwarf coreopsis in bloom. What a gorgeous plant, with bright, a cheerful colors.

The purple showers tufted violets are looking dainty in their semi-shaded home.

The Dwarf Beard Tongue was on the decline, but I found one really nice looking bloom still in all of it's glory.

We also have a large variety of pansies in bloom.

Remember the plants that the deer ate up? Don't they look nice? This one is the one with all of the different colors in it. I just love how all of them are varied and mixed together with each other. I wish I had taken pictures of their parents a few years ago. I planted dusty millers and marigolds in the front corners to help the critters away. It worked on one of the two planters, but I think they are munching the other planter from the side that doesn't have any of these objectionable plants on it. At least it seems to be helping a little bit!

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