Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Oh, the damage!

Hi all. I just thought I'd stop by and say hi. I'm on an express computer since there are no internet cafes here for me to use. I want to stop by and visit you all, but somehow I just don't know that 10 minutes would allow me to do that!

I got back to MN and checked out all of the hail damage. One of my neighbors is a contractor and he estimates that we have about $24,000 worth of damage to the house, shed, and roof. I debated if I should file a claim or not with it going up for sheriff's sale on Monday, but I think I'm just going to hold off unless I get an offer that says they want me to fix the hail damage. I don't need any extra hassles that no one's requiring me to do, right? I mean, I went through this whole process about 2 1/2 (or was it 3?) years ago and it was certainly NO picnic!

Had two more showings today as well as a showing on Tuesday, so I'm still hoping for that offer.

I'm sure this poor lady sitting next to me thinks I'm some sort of pig or something. I was outside weeding the garden and I saw that the grass was very long. I decided to I mow the lawn when an unexpected showing came through. There was supposed to be another one within the hour, so I didn't even have the time to shower before I left the house. I think I could use a nice hot bubble bath tonight!

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message and a backlink. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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