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Do NOT Copy

Garden Refugees

I meant to show you all of the work I've been up to for the last couple of days, but I've been slow. So, instead I thought I'd give you an idea of why no one wants to buy this house!

I was shocked when I went back and saw how completely over grown all of my gardens were. I felt horrible that I didn't have the time to take care of all of the poor babies, they were just screaming out for help. Poor Mom must feel overwhelmed with all of the gardens to take care of and work full time.

I was not feeling very hopeful that I'd be able to salvage anything out of this garden at all. Look at it, wouldn't you be skeptical too? This was once my prize rose garden. I replaced the roses each year since I never had the ability to get them to live through the winter. Right before we moved, I planted 3 clematis and 2 roses as a gift to the new owners of the house. With no care given to them since we moved I wasn't optomistic that they were still alive.

While browsing through the weeds, I found all 3 clematis and 1 of the roses. Not too shabby. Of course I dug them all up, I can't imagine that the next owners would want to keep this mess. Would you?

I have some wonderful sensation lilacs that were still in bloom, but they were on the decline. I should have grabbed more of them, but I only dug up and took two of them back home with me. I couldn't believe how big all of the "little" shoots had gotten by now, when we left there were several managable sized lilacs I could have brought with. So many of them are huge for one person to handle. They were thriving wonderfully in the mulch garden, as were the weeds. Look at that! I couldn't find a single place that I could see the mulch.

This plant is a remnant from the first owners. We were the third owners of this home. I have never seen anything quite like it. It sure smells like a lilac bush, but the leaves don't look like the typical lilac leaves in either shape or color. The flowers were also not clustered like the traditional lilacs.

The front garden was also badly in need of weeding. I did manage to weed this garden area while I was there, but this picture was taken before I had the chance.

I was so disappointed that my periwinkle and fern leafed bleeding heart weren't growing there anymore when I arrived. I had planned on taking them with me. Imagine my surprise when they popped up two days after my arrival. I could almost hear their tiny little plant voices pleading with me to take them with me. There were only a couple of leaves on each plant, the whole plants looked to be smaller than my pinky finger. I showed them to Cheesehead and all he could do was laugh. Of course I dug them up too. They're not big enough to showcase. They're so small they didn't even show up in my macro pictures I took of them. That's alright though, now they're safely nestled in my new shade garden!


I ended up taking 22 plants with me from my gardens. I wish I had taken some more, but I ran out of pots and time. Here they are awaiting the move. I dug them up the night before Cheesehead and BIL came to help me move everything. The plants rested in the garage that night and I loaded them up in the van the next morning after I had breakfast with my friends.

I have most of them planted in the ground already, however there are 9 left to plant. I ended up having to paint the garden arbor from my former rose garden, so the clematis had to wait to be planted until I had the arbor put back together.

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