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Getting Ready for Vacation DIscoveries

I have been running around like crazy today trying to get ready for our vacation to MN. I know I've been going there a lot lately, but this time it's PURELY for pleasure. I promise I won't lift a finger to do work. We are planning on a trip to the Mall of America, a visit to the Science Museum where they are currently displaying Star Wars stuff, a Twins/Brewers game, a visit with Grandma at Como Zoo, and a day long jaunt to visit my dad's grave with a side trip to Walnut Grove to see the old Ingalls place thrown in. We're going to be super busy. I'll take lots of pictures and try to share a few highlights as the trip progresses, no promises though!

How was I getting ready you ask. I was pulling weeds, mulching, cleaning and filling bird baths, dead heading, you know all of the usual stuff. (Of course I need to pack and stuff too, but when I did that I only discovered that I need to do a load of laundry in order to have clean shorts to bring on vacation!)

While I was out making the rounds in the yard, I made some wonderful discoveries. I did take pictures too, but for some reason the computer won't read them off my memory card. I'll bring my computer with and try to figure it out later if I can't get it worked out tonight.

My most exciting discovery were the eggs in the birdhouse previously given over to the frogs. Imagine my surprise when I peaked in to see if the frog was home and was greeted by the sight of a nest the size of the one in that tree in the back yard with 3 small, blue eggs in it. I'll have to try to figure out what kind of bird the mom is. She has a blue back with a reddish orange abdomen and is about the size of a finch I suppose. SHH! Don't tell Peanut! I can't imagine that she'd leave them alone since she'll never leave a frog alone even when I tell her we don't have time to play with them today.

I'm sure if you're a regular reader you may have heard me mention once or twice about waiting for my peonies to open. Well, they're almost ready now. Why now? I hope a few buds wait for a week to open. I suppose that's asking too much though seeing as how they're peonies and all. SIGH!

I also saw the knock out rose I bought earlier this spring should have two open flowers tomorrow. Two delphiniums, a white spirea, and a spiderwort look ready to burst into bloom any day now as do some wild daisies and yarrow. My gardens will hopefully be over flowing with blooms by the time I return from my vacation. I sure hope they don't wilt, droop, and get stressed out because they need water or something! I want at least a couple of days to enjoy my peony blooms. I kept commenting to Cheesehead that they must not be blooming yet because we don't have enough ants. He looked at me like he thought I was crazy! But if they DON'T need ants, why is it that only the blooms that had ants on them when I came outside to check on them daily for the last couple of weeks are large enough to be ready to bloom? He didn't have an answer for me, of course!

Now, time for a little R&R!

Here are those pictures I told you about. Sorry it took a while!

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