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Star Wars Exhibit at SMM

What an awesome day today was! I got to see so many props and things from all 6 Star Wars movies. There were costumes and models too along with hands on science experiments for the kids to do. I just got done loading 99 pictures onto my computer, I didn't think you'd want to see ALL of the pictures. Here are a few highlights from the day.

We hit some serious traffic. The kids were very annoyed. I suppose they don't much remember the time we used to sit in it. It took 45 minutes to go 1 mile in a construction zone. Boy, did they complain. If I would have known about it, we would have taken the normal route!

The kids loved the hands on science experiments. They made magnet repulsors, magnet propulsion systems, and robots. I think we could have spent all day here just doing these things! We also wanted to go on the land speeder simulation, but our shoes weren't enclosed. All we had with were sandals. Hmm, it would have been nice if that had been in the literature!

Besides the hands on exhibits, Yoda was one of their favorite things. He is pictured here with Mace Windu's costume and one of those training droids that jedi used.

There were so many ship models to see too. Here is the Milleneum Falcon. Other favorites were Luke's land speeder and Sebula's pod. Tbo "discovered" that the land speeder had wheels. I guess he wasn't paying very close attention when we were watching those making of Star Wars movies!

These are some of my all time favortie characters from the movies. Leia is my #1 because she was a smart, strong, take charge person who was kind. She had some of the best lines in A New Hope! These droids were pretty fun too. I also liked how they added continuity to the series being in all of the movies.

They had a neat display of most of the lightsabers too. I was so disappointed when I checked them here and saw them all blurry! SIGH! This is Chewie's Bowcaster.

I just HAD to get a family picture taken there too. They had a computer setup with a green screen to add you to a character's body. There were rwo options for those of us who wanted more than one person in the shot. We got our picture taken with C3P0 and R2D2.

There were other things to do at the Science Museum too of course, but I was just too pumped up about the Star Wars exhibit to worry too much about those. I'll pay better attention next time.

It was a bit expensive, but being such a fan it was well worth it. If you live in the area and enjoyed the movies, I would highly reccommend it!

Edited to add:

Well, I was trying to be incognito, but since Ben mentioned it, I just had to post this picture. LOL. Great minds think alike!

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