Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Introducing the baby blue birds.

I told the kids that we could check on them no more than once a day. They started looking cuter yesterday getting that fine fuzz on them to keep them warm, but that picture didn't turn out the best.

Well, I guess this one didn't either. We were in a hurry to get to the $1 movies in town this morning. At least it's good enough to be able to make out a beak on one of them. Maybe next time I'll get a better picture. I'm estimating that they are 3 days old. Their eyes were closed when we peaked in on them. I didn't see the fourth egg that Cheesehead had said was still in there, so I'm assuming it must have hatched. It looks awfully crowded in there though, so it's hard to tell.

MIL's sister passed away yesterday. It's sad, she's been trying to make arrangements to get down there to see her again before she died. She finally had everything all lined up to go see her yesterday morning when they called and told her not to bother coming right away. She had worried for days about not being able to make it down there twice if she went before she died. At least it didn't happen in June this time. We're pretty sick of all of the bad stuff that's been happening in June lately, like for the last 3 years.

BIL will be bringing her down to Iowa so I have volunteered to take the dogs. That way she doesn't have to pay all of those kennel fees for two dogs. I am worried that they won't leave the nest alone though. It's pretty low down to the ground since any trees that have reachable branches are barely taller than me. Oh well, if we get them I'm just have to keep a close watch on them. I think the kids and I will accompany them outside if they come to keep them out of the front yard.

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