Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth

Kathleen wanted us to share our red, white, and blue plants. I decided to wait for today in honor of the holiday!

Deb would be happy to know that I'm wearing my red socks today too, (sorry, no pictures of that though).

Argh! Stupid computer. It won't read my new pictures off my memory card today. I'm not going to worry about it today, I'll work on it tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some red, white, and blue flowers I may have possibly posted previously.

Cheesehead just had to buy this flower pouch from his store. I like them, but I hate how fast this regular mixture dries out. I think I have him talked into letting me make our own next year. Although I thought we were going to make our own this year too. Hmm, maybe next year he won't forget. I mean he can't argue with my plant results, can he???

Aren't these flowers pretty? They are blooming wild in our yard. Do you remember those thorn filled berryless bushes I complained about before? Apparently they weren't old enough to produce berries last year or flowers. These are the bushes! It looks like there are berries growing on them this year, they're no longer blooming. YAY, berries! Now I'm regretting cutting them all down from the side of my house instead of transplanting them. Sigh!

I know I posted this one, but it's the closest thing I have to a blue flower. Of course there are the elusive bluebird I have yet to snap a picture of. I suppose I could have shared the egg picture, but they're not really plants and ya'all know they hatched already anyway....

Well, off for some fourth of July craft projects to do with the kids.

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garden girl said...

Happy 4th Cinj! LOVE that delphinium. So pretty. Wish I could grow them in the shade! I just love blue flowers.

Kathleen said...

Great red, white & blue choices Cinj!! Happy 4th!!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Glad to hear you are showing your support by wearing red socks. I assume you have sided with kate and myself :)

Happy forth

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I'm so delphiniums never come back, I finally gave up but now I must go buy some more. I keep planting foxgloves and delphiniums...yours are so beautiful. I love my sisters white ones, got any help tips? Not sure what I do wrong.

Cinj said...

Linda- Me too! It's a huge plant this year. I can't believe how much it's grown. Mine are in one of the sunniest spots in my summer yard, not so sunny in the winter though.

Kathleen- Thanks! I like them too. I have others too, but my camera wouldn't cooperate with me. Silly technology.

Debbi- Yes, but usually I don't wear socks in the summer. (I NEED them in the winter though!) I had a blue shirt and white shorts and I had to get the red in somehow. I suppose it looked weird wearing thick red socks with my brown sandals, but I wasn't out to impress anyone anyway.

Kathi- I don't know if I've really done anything all that special except plant them up near the house, it's a somewhat protected area from the winter winds. Otherwise I'm really pretty clueless. These are my first delpiniums I've ever tried to grow. They also have a good layer of much in a rich soil mix. There is a layer of rocks a foot or so under the soil as well, since it's a raised bed and I didn't have enough money to fill the whole thing with dirt. With all of these rocks I had laying around, how could I NOT make use of them?

Anna said...

I like any red, white, and blue I can find in the garden or out. Good for you for participating and showing what cha got and I think it's grand. I love the white flower cause it's so dainty.

lisa said...

I like your patriotic flowers! Hope your holiday was fun!