Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Some advice is meant to be followed!

Have you ever heard people say measure twice, cut once? Well, they obviously came up with that slogan for a reason!

Here I was thinking I was going to help Cheesehead SO much by doing the rest of the floor of the shed. I don't think MY brand of help was really all that helpful this time. Well, unless you want a mouse invasion in the shed. Now I need to figure out how to seal up my goof.

Apparently I measured once and cut twice instead. Silly me!

I kicked myself off of this project after installing just one sheet of flooring. I think my skills will be better if saved for painting and priming. If it would stop raining long enough I could get going on that.

He asked me last night if I included this in my shed building post. He laughed when I told him I simply forgot. (Well, it could happen, I do forget a lot of stuff. So what if I forgot to mention this flub accidentally on purpose?)

If I had done my cuts properly it would have looked like this. Just add a little spray foam and we'd be all set. Now I'm going to be forced to be creative with my mistake.

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