Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Argh! I can't stand it.

My favorite event to watch in the olympics is gymnastics followed closely by swimming and diving. I imagine my reasons must be because I'm too clumsy to ever do such an elegant sport, so I just dream of the beauties by body could have performed if only....

Anyway, here I am trying to watch my favorite events only to have them come on so late that I can't keep my eyes open to watch them. I'm not a night person at all, more of an early bird. SIGH. Why is it they have to try to show my favorite events live anyway? Can't they just air them later? It might work better for me if I lived in California or something. I suppose it's better to have them on late than having them on during football practice since I also like to watch my son, but.... I could attempt to record them, but based on past experience I'd never get around to watching them later anyway. With me it seems like if I don't do it now, I do it never. Are you like that?

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