Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Were my Expectations too High?

I showed you all my wonderful cherry tree bursting with berries just a few days ago, right? See my Bountiful Blessings post. Hmm, I guess it's been a little longer than I thought. Every branch was covered in fruit. They were a gorgeous red, but I don't know much about how to tell when they're ripe so I left them on the tree. I mean, they were so small and everything, I was waiting for them to grow a bit bigger. Cherries are usually larger than a marble, aren't they? These aren't even as big as a pea. Way too small to be ready for picking! Or so I thought.

I left them on the tree and started pouring over cherry jelly recipes. Oh the plans I was making! Cherry pie, cherry jelly, cherry syrup,....

I went out today to find most of them had been eaten off the tree already! Were they already ripe? There I go again, asleep at the stick. Grr. I ran inside to get my bucket. While there really weren't that many cherries on the tree, I didn't think I would be able to hold them all in my hands. You know what?

I think I could have. No, there aren't any around the edge where you can't see in the bucket either. What do I do with such a small amount of cherries. It may be 1/2 a cup if I'm lucky. They ARE cherries, aren't they? I sure hope those bluebirds enjoyed my fruit. Maybe I'll have better luck with collecting nuts and/or berries. I wonder how to tell when I should try to pick those?

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