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Exploring the State Fair with Your Senses

Skeeter asked if I was taking time to smell the roses. Why, YES I am! Okay, maybe there aren't very many roses to be seen at the MN State Fair, but there are plenty of things to smell there (if you dare).

There are the adorable baby animals. I chose to show you the fluffy yellow chicks. Peanut sure was upset that she missed seeing these little cuties. As an additional assault on your senses you can also pet some of them. There were other babies too including horses, cattle, pigs, ducks, and lambs. They were so small and soft! I think their barn wasn't quite as smelly as their parent's barns were, but maybe I was just blinded by the baby animals.

Not so into stopping to smell things? Okay, we'll go for the taste test instead! (Actually you can also smell these too so I suppose that little intro was a bit misleading) What would you prefer?

Deep fried candy bars? (As if candy bars alone aren't fattening enough? I'll have to pass on this one!)

Maybe you'd prefer something on a stick?

Hotdish on a stick?

Fried fruit?

Seriously, you can pretty much get anything on a stick here. Or fried. I tried to avoid most of that stuff though. I'm already having enough weight problems so I went light on the food.

We did buy a large bucket of chocolate chip cookies. The kids were happy that we got them some yummy souveniers. They didn't last long though!

There are also huge blocks of butter there. They carve all of the dairy princesses and Princess Kay of the Milky Way too. It is done inside a cooler to keep the carvings fresh for all of the fair goers to see. If it stayed outside it would probably melt from the heat anyway.

Listen carefully. I can almost hear the bell tolling. These topiaries are just divine, aren't they? There were many musical acts to listen to. As well as droning politicians, news shows, and screams from the midway to name a few. I'm not sure who was playing at the grandstand this year but luckily no one visits here looking for any real information anyway. Actually this trip was a bit unplanned since we were only going to go if we got enough of MIL's projects done to take the time off, so at least I have an excuse for knowing nothing this time! LOL.

There are also a great many things to see. Elvis was there! I guess they don't call it Minnesota's great get together for nothing!

Our first stop was the horticulture building. Beautiful collections of floral arrangements, assorted flower collections, honey, corn, you name it it was there. This was one of my favorite arrangements. Don't those look like fireworks?

Even crop art! Peanut would have liked to do this too. They had a station for the kids to create their own.

Lots of things to look at for shopping too! This was my favorite collection place. What a wonderful variety. I saw at least 10 things that I really wanted to buy in here!

I just adore looking at all of the prize winning art work, foods, crafts, plants, animals, people, parades, news shows, and souveniers from all over the world. There are endless things to see and do.

We had a great visit to the fair this year. The kids opted not to go since (heaven forbid) there was a lot of walking involoved. We parked about 6 blocks from the fairgrounds at one of Cheesehead's friend's son's houses. We thought it would be weel worth it to avoid the fair traffic and exorbitant parking prices. It was also good excercise. Well, at least it was until we walked the whole fair two or three times. My feet were killing me by the time we were done! I guess that will teach me not to wear sandals for all day walking around the fair, won't it?

Goodness me, look how I've been prattling on! I suppose I'd better get going to bed if I want to be able to help Cheesehead with the shed's deck tommorrow.

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