Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Geez, things have been SO crazy around here. I'll try to get a few more details up about these events later, but it seems that many of you are worried about me. HOW SWEET! I'm super tired from the whirlwind of activities once again. Since it's 11:15pm I think I'm becoming a pumpkin as we speak! Just a few scant details now.

First of all, the bee sting is almost completely gone. I looked up some info online and treated it as if it were an allegry. I took benadryl and rubbed allergy creme and hydrocortizone on it. Now it's almost completely gone, it just itches a bit. Must have been a localized allergic reaction.

Tomorrow we're planning on trying to get the shed painted. All 4 of us so we can hopefully make a trip to the UP Thursday. Wish us luck! Friday and Saturday we'll be building a deck for the shed, Sunday there's a picnic we're invited to. No specific plans for Monday yet, but I'm sure we'll find something to keep us busy. God forbid we sit down and rest for a day or something!

Just got back from helping out MIL and helping her with her household projects. It's been hard for her without FIL this last year. The projects weren't really time consuming, there were just a lot of them!

My son won his first football game, it was a blowout. Score was 26-0 at 1/2 time so they weren't allowed to score any more points in the second 1/2. What a fiasco getting ready for the game too. Got a sunburn.

Went to the MN State Fair yesterday too. Got another sunburn.

Lots of berries to pick. It's been awfully dry so quite a few of them started to dry up. (BOO HOO)

Hmm, is this the vacation we really WANTED to have?

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