Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Geez, Poor Cheesehead!

You'd think the most important news in the whole world was about to occur. He's been flipping back and forth to the Packer game waiting to hear about Brett Favre. They were supposed to start the news conference 20 minutes ago. I sure hope he took a nap while I had son at football practice or he's going to be tired when he gets up at 3:30 tomorrow morning for work.

He'd probably watch the game, but we just saw it yesterday. I'm getting dizzy with the constant changes between NFL network and FX. We're watching Shallow Hal. Well, sort of anyway.

As you may be aware Brett Favre was reinstated by the NFL yesterday. I think Cheesehead and son are two of the biggest Packer fans out there. My son is watching the game that was on yesterday again tonight. Anyway, they're waiting to hear what they're going to do with him now that he's reinstated. They'll have to cut someone. They have their fingers crossed that the Packers will keep Favre. One of his top choices for a trade is MY favorite team (even though they aren't the best) the Vikings, and they don't even want to think about what will happen if he's traded. Poor guys. The saga continues....

In other news son's football team won both tug-of-war matches at the end of practice today. He was pretty excited about that. They had some great team work going on. Go Gators!

It was so hot during practice that I felt like I was going to melt, so I decided to go shopping. I happen to have a little bit of my birthday money left so I decided to buy a food dehydrator. Could I find one? Heck no! Oh well, I suppose that I don't really need one but it's a great way to preserve food and conserve storage space.

I did manage to find some ancestry researching software that I thought about buying, but I don't have enough money for it. I hadn't gone to that store to find any computer software anyway, I was trying to figure out how to make my desktop computer work again. I have a bunch of stuff on there that I want to access. They had no ideas how to help me out with that problem though. Grr.

I'm also thinking about getting some canning equipment.

Even though all I managed to buy tonight was some groceries, I did manage to find some things to add to my Christmas wish list.

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