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Do NOT Copy

A Perfect day for some Family Fun

We've been dying to get out and go mini golfing again this summer. It's SO expensive though it's crazy! We had 2 free games coming and it STILL cost us $15 to go. Yup, the price to mini golf is on the rise along with everything else. SIGH. No wonder we're no good.

The kids were disappointed that we didn't have the money to drive the go carts too. They were really looking forward to a Tula's fish fry though, so they let the subject drop with barely a wimper. We haven't done this since Cheesehead's birthday. How did the summer get away from us like that?

I'm not sure why, but Peanut has a total spaz and refuses to cross these rocks without holding one of our hands. The water is maybe 6 inches deep, so I'm not really sure what the problem is. Whatever.

This is the hole that we usually get our one and only hole in ones on. No holes in one today. Also the only hole that we really WANT our ball to go into the water on. There are streams and things winding all the way through the whole course. It's so wonderful to feel like you're golfing in the natural elements. The sounds of the waterfalls running over rocks is so calming. If only it didn't have to compete with the whining of the children when they miss a put things would be perfect.

TBO was upset that he had some trouble keeping the number of puts under par since he does it so well on the computer game. Apparently he didn't think that REAL mini golf is actually harder than computer generated.

I usually win for our family. I'm not exactly sure how since I suck at the game, but somehow I usually manage just the same. Cheesehead won this round though. Good job hon!

Off for our fish fry. I guess it's been a while since we've been there too, Ashley wasn't able to bring our drinks to the table without asking us what we wanted to drink this time. We've had some major budget cut backs in the dining out budget. This is for our financial as well as our physical health. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to actually order the food ourselves, does it?

I was pleasantly surprised that TBO ordered a one piece fish fry this time. It would have been nicer if he would have gotten a baked potato instead of the french fries and a water instead of rootbeer, but he's been doing fairly well. I can't complain too hard.

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