Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Brett's a Jet?

Dang, here I wanted him to be traded to the Vikes if he was traded. Oh well. I think this whole situation has been totally blown out of proportion.

People are mad because he retired and changed his mind. Now if he were a woman that wouldn't be a problem at all. We change our minds all the time. Why can't a guy?

I swear some people act like he did this whole thing on purpose or something. It's been so overly analyzed and discussed with his ex-Packer teammates that they just got sick of it. I think all the media attention increased the tension that was already there making it impossible for Favre to compete for the Packer QB starter position. He didn't even feel that he could report to camp. How sad is that? He's been part of the team for 16 years. Seriously!

Being an outsider, I can see both sides of the situation. It's just too bad that people can't just be supportive. It's wierd hearing people say that such a good quarter back should HAVE to retire because he wasn't feeling committed 6 months ago. If I had to base all of my actions based on what I was like 6 months ago, I'd be sitting on the couch watching tv and wallowing in self pity with a pile of shed materials still sitting outside un-built. (Not that I'm implying I had ALL that much to do with the building of the shed or anything, but it's the only major project that really came to mind.)

He's a good quarter back and he can play if he wants to. I just wish he were wearing purple, MN could really use a superbowl win finally.

I tried asking TBO and Cheesehead what they thought of the newest development in the Packer soap opera, but they had no input for me to share.

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