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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day September 2008

I have a feeling that this is going to be my last bloom day post, the flowering season is coming to an end here with temps in the 40's. Where did the summer go? It was very cool and many of my flowers struggled more than ever before. My hydrangeas have just started to bloom not long ago. I just posted about them in my Walk in the Rain post the other day, they're still clawing their way to open. I can't grow plants indoors since my cats like to eat anything "plant" that I bring into my home.

The annuals are sparsely blooming, but most of the pictures didn't seem worthy of posting. I do like my whiskey barrel though, this poor thing was neglected and rarley watered but it still managed to shine. A petunia seed even found it's way in there from the basket that once hung above.

These flowers were sown from seed this spring. They just started to bloom a few days ago as well. I can't remember what they were called, but it was obviously some sort of mixed pack of whatever.

I also have a pot of marigolds that have recently started to bloom. I grew these from seed as well. I have two containers and two hanging baskets that I didn't put into my new garden area. I am still trying to decide what kinds of plants I will put in there next spring.

I thought that this daisy was unusual, it almost had a double head but didn't seem to split all the way.

This plant has also been posted about before, but it must really be enjoying this weather. It's still blooming like crazy. Here I was worried it would die and it's the most profusely flowering plant in my early fall/late summer garden. I have looked at the mums at all of the stores, but I don't have any money to buy more plants anyway. Maybe some day I'll be able to afford some fall flowering plants. I also wouldn't mind laying my hands on some bulbs-tulips, crocus, daffodils, and snow drops are high on my list. Of course there are many more I'd like as well, but I don't have to put it all in right away anyway.

I also posted about echinacea before. These are such wonderful flowers. The seeds are not yet ready to harvest, but I'm sure it won't be much longer. I'll have to ask the neighbors if they'd be interested in some seeds, I have about 20 blooms on this plant, WAY more than I would need.

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