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Health Care Annoyances

I find that it's just plain crazy that a person can pay $500 a month for a family's health care coverage with our employer paying 1/2 of the expenses for top of the line coverage and have the health insurance not cover a routine wellness exam.

It is always advised that people go in yearly for a routine physical exam as preventative coverage, isn't it? Doesn't it cost less to keep a person well than to let them become ill? At the said wellness exams you are required to attend each and every year if you doctor prescibes medications, you are to dicuss any health issues that may have arisen over the last year. Cheesehead went in for a once yearly exam (which he hasn't been in the habit of doing since we got married, this was only his second one ever) this summer. No other visits at all, so the health insurance is basically just going to waste and paying a small part of his prescriptions.

Do you know what? He is only allowed ONE wellness check every TWO years! HUH???? How does that work when you have a condition that requires meds which in turn require a yearly checkup? Am I also supposed to pay $200 for an office visit ON TOP of the $500 a month insurance???? Where does all of that money we pay go if not to care for our own health and wellness? What is the point of carrying insurance if a provider can tell you you need to have an exam, but we won't help you pay for it? Wouldn't I be better off just paying the presciption fees and one yearly office visit out of my pocket rather than paying $6,000 a year for OTHER people to get my benefits?

I am furious. I don't have the money to pay the doctor now because of the problems with selling our other house. If I don't pay the doctor we won't be able to seek treatment. What in the world am I supposed to do? While we're on the topic, why in the world does it cost $300 for a 15 minute visit and talk with a doctor anyway? (Insurance was kind enough to cover appx. $100 of the office visit)

I don't even have that much left for my family's groceries this month, not that I would want to starve the family to line the hospital's pockets or anything but....

What is a person to do when you make "too much" money to qualify for any type of assistance programs, but not enough money to pay off all of your debts? I'm trying to be an honest person and pay all of the debts I owe, but why does everyone have to be so unreasonable? I won't claim bankruptcy because I refuse to pass my debts on to other people, but I am SO frustrated it's just not even funny!!!!! Am I being stubborn or is trying to hang in there and do my best the best solution?

Right about now I just want to sit down and cry for a week, but I don't want to let on how stressed I am to the kids. They have it hard enough right now anyway. Cheesehead is working his rear end off trying to keep our heads above water and I still haven't gotten any teaching calls this year. Our house in MN is now listed for $139,900 which is the price we paid for it 7 years ago when we bought it before all of the inprovements were done on it I might add! Should I look for a new job? The last full time job I had worked out SO well (NOT!) that I'm afraid to even try again.

Sorry for the rant, I just need to vent before I explode into a million pieces. My stomach hurts now. Where's the pepto bismol?

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