Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Happy Birthday, to my Favorite Son!

Okay, so he's my only son too. That's okay though because I can call him that without making anybody mad, right?

It was another busy but fun filled day. MIL and BIL came to help celebrate this morning, they also came to watch him play in his forth game of the year. Even though it's starting to look more like fall, it sure didn't feel like fall today. It was almost 80 degrees today. I guess I should have brought some more water! The score was 30-8 this time, still undeafeated. GO GATORS! The team they played today was tough and played an excellent game. I guess a few of them were pretty upset about loosing since they refused the handshaking after the game. When Son told me about that I felt a mixture of feeling sorry for them and feeling like slapping them. Can you be ashamed and upset if your team played their best? Whatever.

Then it was off to do more birthday celebrating. We stopped by the cemetary to visit his grandpa on the way to the fun. I'm sure he would be proud of our excellent little football player.

We got a great deal for mini-golfing on the Shopping Show on Coyote 93.7 a little over a week ago, so we headed out to Eagle Falls Adventure Golf in Eagle River. It was a very nice course. I was super happy that we were able to land such a great deal on these tickets, I didn't have the money to pay for a full priced mini golfing spree. Today's outing only cost $12 instead of the normal $28. Was it worth driving a bit out of the way? Well, I wouldn't do it every day but it made a nice adventure anyway.

Everyone was starving despite the snacks I brought to eat after the game, so son decided he wanted to eat at Pizza Hut for his birthday dinner. It sure was good. We don't eat out much anymore, so it's a very special treat now.

Grandma bought son a cake for his birthday. We didn't have the right candles on hand, but had a 5 and a 6. We decided that since 5+6=11 we could legitamatley use them for candles. Who could have a birthday cake without candles? Cute, isn't it? I sure hope his wish was for me to win the lottery. LOL!

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