Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

It was a Real Nail Biter of a Game

Son had his third game of the football season yesterday. I thought this game was much more exciting than the last two have been. The other team had some great blocks and there were many nervous moments during the game. They had a lot to cheer about. I'm not sure if our team is really that good or if they've been playing "bad" teams, but they remain undefeated. They played one of the rival teams (in highschool football) this time.

It was 30 to 0 with about a minute to go in the game. The time was ticking rapidly off the clock. Our defense had been on the field for the last 4 minutes or so. (I told you the Pop Werner rules about not being able to score above 24 points more than their opponents when we played our first game, didn't I? We had 22 before our final touchdown of the game. Kicking a field goal in Pop Werner gets the team 2 points, so if you're wondering how we got those last points, that's how.) The Gators were trying to have another shut out game, but it wasn't to be. It was a hard fought game, but after all of that scoring our team did we had to follow official rules. The ball is to be placed 20 yards from the endzone. They are then given the rest of the time during the games to try to get touchdowns to get a more even score. Our defense let them get a touchdown in the last minutes of the game. They tried to run their extra point in and weren't able to penetrate the line. They actually would have ended up with 12 points if their team hadn't had a false start on their line, but the penalty that was called erased those 6 points from the board.

I was also very happy to see them using our scoreboard this time. I suppose they didn't want to look bad in front of the rival team, I doubt my complaints had much of anything to do with it (even though I like to think I had something to do with it).

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