Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Making Curtains and Other Random Thoughts

I know it's unusual for a shed to have curtains, but I thought it would help it look pretty from the outside. I didn't do as careful of work as I would have if I were to put them up inside, but I think they look cute. Normally I wouldn't hang up such wrinkled curtains either, but I wanted to get a lot done today so I admit I may have cut some corners.

If I had the money I probably would have went out and bought some fabric that matches the curtains hanging in my house's windows. Since I don't though, I raided my fabric stash. I thought this powder blue looked rather striking with the siding color.

I didn't have any curtain rods either, so I used thumb tacks instead. DO you think that's strange?

Now all that's left is finishing the landscaping around the shed, staining the ramp, and building the planter box and shutters. Those projects may end up waiting for next spring. The staining will definately have to since the wood is still so wet and I don't want to be staining again anytime soon. I have put up some decorations on the railing, can you see them? I suppose I should have waited until after this winter and after staining, but I just couldn't wait to see what it looks like!

I have refinished a wood bench that we rescued from our other house. I will place it under the window on the shed's ramp once the poly is dry and my side yard grass has finished growing in. I will also paint a plant stand that I have black and put it in one of the corners. SO many plans, so little time!

I got two doors for our basement stained today too. 3 down, 6 to go. I can't wait until we can put an end to the basement finishing. They can be put up once all of the flooring is finally installed. I am hoping that it will be done in the next week or so. Is that too optomistic?

Also got some banana bread, banana cake, applesauce, baked beans, and potato salad made today before we headed off to football practice and Cheesehead visiting. I want to relax, but should be doing laundry and dishes since I'm Chaperoning Peanut's field trip to the outdoor classroom tomorrow. I should also be taking a shower before our hot water goes out again, but I'm just going to hope that we still have hot water tomorrow morning. I'm exhausted!

We had another showing today for our house in MN. Just over 2 months left until the final foreclosure. I don't know if I should be relieved or worried. I wish it would just sell already, then I could stop with my hand wringing and worrying. I desperately keep trying to give my worries up to the Lord, but somehow I just can't keep them given away. Somehow I just keep taking back the yoke and I can't lay it down. What's wrong with me? Is this normal? How can I give my worries over to God for good?

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