Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

A Somewhat Dissappointing Day

I went to town to run some errands today. I don't go to town much since we live quite a way out so I need to time and plan my trips carefully. Some of the day couldn't have worked out better with the free oil change we got at a place that is cheaper than where Cheesehead had thought about going before. (I think we found our new oil change place!). I had a bunch of things we had bought to fix up the house we were trying to sell in MN, but I've given up hope of ever selling it at this point so I decided to bring those things back. I got lots of new supplies for projects to do at this house and it only cost me $1.25. Yay me!

It started to go a bit downhill though when I headed over to the grocery store and saw a sign for a blood drive. It took me a while to work up my nerve, I've never given blood before. After wandering around Goodwill for a while, I finally worked up enough courage to walk in there and sign up. I didn't have an appointment so I had to wait a little while. I filled out the paper work and it didn't take too long before I got called to the back room. Things were going well until she took my temperature. I guess it was elevated at 99.5 so I wasn't able to give blood after all. Bummer, but not the end of the world.

Kids and I went to see Cheesehead after I picked them up from school. Kids started fighting and being annoying so I had to take their video games away. I decided to stop with the project night and sit down to relax at the computer. I like to check my email before I go blog hopping so I signed on to my email account that most of the mail is still sent to (I'm switching to free email service). There were 3 messages in there that were especially dissappointing.

First email was from water heater company. I haven't mentioned it here, but our water heater is on the fritz and we've been working on getting it fixed for about the last week I think. We need a thermostat for it according to what they have told me. It's even still under warranty so I thought that was great, I could get the part I need for free rather than having to pay $10 for the part. Well, according to the email I can't get the part. I need to hire a plumber to fix my water heater and S/HE can get the part. ARGH! So I guess I'll be buying the part I need since I can't afford to pay a plumber to fix the water heater.

Other two emails were from the bank. I have issued some rubber checks apparently which actually shouldn't have happened if the checks had been presented in the correct order. Now the bank wants me to pay $70 in charges. I wonder if they'd be any more willing to negotiate than the credit card companies were. I doubt it!

I hate to ask if anything else can go wrong.

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