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Do NOT Copy

Morning Discoveries and Surprises

It was another crazy morning. Why should I be surprised? I really should call this blog Cinj's circus!

We like to watch the news to see what the weather is supposed to be like. Though that tactic doesn't always work since weather predicting isn't always very accurate.... It actually was this time. I looked out the window to check the temperature and saw that they were right this time. It was supposed to cool down.

Or should I say temperatures plummeted? Wasn't it just in the 80's yesterday? The news said it was 50, but my thermometer seems to disagree!

I reminded the children to wear pants today since it looks like shorts weather may well be done for the year. That made Peanut mistakenly assume that she had to wear a long sleeved shirt too. She spent 20 minutes downstairs trying to decide what to put on. My goodness, if she's this bad at age 7 what's she going to be like when she's a teenager?

I finally marched downstairs, grabbed a shirt, and gave it to her. Heaven forbid it was a short sleve shirt, but it looked great with the pants she had already picked out. Then the complaints started.

P: I'll be too cold.
M: It's supposed to be 60 later, it won't be that bad.
P: I'll be cold this morning.
M: Wear a jacket, then you can put it in your backpack later when it's warm.
P: What jacket should I wear?
M: Your spring jacket of course, it's not cold enough to wear your winter jacket.
P: My spring jacket isn't warm enough.
M: Maybe when it's really cold out, but it really isn't all that bad.

I got tired of attempting to reason with her, told her to put the shirt on, I expected her to have the shirt on and be ustairs in one minute and fled the scene before she could make any further objections.

By the time she was upstairs, her food had been on the table for 20 minutes and she started in complaining that it was cold. Of course it was cold, was I supposed to wait until both of them were ready to serve breakfast? Her brother would have about 5 minutes to scarf down his food if I did that. She started to say more, but between the nudge she got from her brother and the look I gave her she must have decided that she better keep her mouth shut. Thank GOD for small miracles!

The rest of the morning with the kids at home went without incident. Well, except her having to bury her head in my jacket while we were out at the bus stop because her cheeks were cold. Whatever!

On the way back to the house I noticed the final threads of summer trying to break through into the cool fall air.

The hydrangea that I planted last year has finally started to bloom. It's been fighting long odds with the somewhat shady location, cool temps, and lack of rain this summer. I'd put it somewhere sunnier, but I'm reserving my sunniest garden location for my vegetable garden I'm going to plant next year. It doesn't appear that the soil's ph had affected the blooms on it though.

Peanut picked this clematis from the garden center this spring. I wasn't sure if it would ever bloom, but it managed to choke out one lone bloom. Isn't it lovely? I hope it has lots more next year, but it does tend to be more shady here than these sun loving plants prefer.

I also saw a remnant of spring. I can't believe this cute little fella started reblooming since I haven't given it any special care or deadheading this summer. Let's face it, I just had more to juggle than I could handle this summer! But it was a welcome gift to see some unexpected glorious blooms!

Then, there was the one surprise that really wasn't a surprise. I've looked for a hive several times in my bee stinging spot and never seen it. I've always crept cautiously and stayed in the driveway just in case any bees happened to be lurking aout. I suppose the zoom lens on my little camera helped me unearth this discovery.

You were all right. There is a hive there. Now this makes me glad of my instinct not to swat those nasty little beasties, I really could have been in a world of pain! I have heard that if a wasp gets smashed it lets out a chemical that attracts more wasps. That just wouldn't do for a a person with bee allergies!

I don't know the exact type still. Sorry, but I won't venture near this nest until maybe the dead of winter so I'm not so hopeful that it will remain in great shape for identification purposes once it's buried under oodles of snow. I guess I'm just a bit afraid of getting stung a thrid time. It doesn't feel too pleasant, especially the puffing and pain the allergy causes!

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