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Do NOT Copy

Another Whirlwind Day is Done

Whew, I really need to take a rest. It's been quite a day again. I'm not sure why I put myself through all of this, but I feel really great about getting so much accomplished. I'm proud, but drained.

Since I wasn't able to stock up with my own home grown corn I bought some from a local farm stand on the side of the road. Don't these look luscious? They are the peaches and cream variety and they are SO good! I want to preserve this summer flavor all year long. One of Cheesehead's friend's wives was kind enough to tell me how to keep corn from getting soggy when freezing so I followed her directions to a t. It's hard for those of us who don't know much to get this stuff all figured out, so I thought I'd share those directions with you.

1. Bring the water to a rapid boil.
2. Once it was bubbling, put the ears of corn into the boiling water.
3. Blanch them. To dumb it down, I put them into the water for 2-3 minutes to kill the spoliing enzymes in them.
4. Take the ears of corn out of the water and place them in a cool tub of water.
5. Drain, dry, and place in your freezer containers. This keeps ice crytals from forming.
6. Freeze.

I hope they taste as fresh and yummy when I cook them next time! I would have thought about canning some, but since I don't have any jars or canning equipment I decided to freeze it would be my best option.

Then I looked up some recipes from my cook book collection. You wouldn't think by looking at me that I would have so many diet cookbooks at my disposal, but I've got quite a few. I made some cake, a double batch of jello, home made apple sauce in a crockpot, and found a recipe for devilled eggs that I had planned on making when I got home from football. Now I'm too tired though, so I'll have to save the rest of that project for tomorrow.

When the kids were home from school, I had Peanut do her homework and take a bath, then I fed them dinner at 4:30, had son get ready for football and drove off into the remnants of hurricane Gustauf. I guess most of the leftover steam was dropped over Illinois. That's fine with me though, my kids weren't covered in mud after practice since we were just given a few sprinkles. You can see them on my windshield. (Don't worry, I was parked in the grocery store parking lot when this picture was taken. I'm not THAT crazy!)

Do you know that one of the coaches had the nerve to look me up after practice and hound me about coming early to the game Saturday? I didn't see them do that for anyone else. Grr. It's not MY fault his uniform didn't fit! They also have picture day after the game so it's going to be a long day.

As usual I had a bunch of errands to run while we were in town too, trying to cut back on our gas consumption as much as possible. We even brought Cheesehead some lunch while we were out and about. The poor guy doesn't even get to see the kids when he's on nights unless we come by the store to see him.

Once we were done with our errands it was straight home and to bed for Peanut. Son took a shower, watched a bit of whatever sport he could find on tv until his bedtime.

Is it MY bedtime yet?

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