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Plant Cell Model Homework Project

Today is the first day of the new school year both kids have had homework to do. So far Peanut has only had reading to do. SHe has had to read at least 20 minutes a night and weekends she reads 60 minutes. Maybe most parents would let the kids spread the work out over the weekend, but not me! No sir, she had to sit and get it all done after school today. It took a while, but I finally talked her into reading a Junie B Jones book. She tends not to like to do new or different things because she thinks she won't like it. Her brother LOVED them when he was her age and I think they are humorous. You know, Peanut kind of reminds me a bit of Junie B come to think of it....

Son has only had to read last weekend so far for his homework. Neither of them have had any math to do yet which I find a bit unusual, but that's okay with me. Here I thought he'd be having more homework when he got to 5th grade. Today he had some science homework though. It's the best kind too, mixing arts and crafts with learning. He was asked to make a plant cell model for his homework using whatever materials he wanted to use.

Originally he had thought about using raw cookie dough so he could feed it to his classmates for a birthday treat next week. I advised him that eating raw cookie dough as a snack would be frowned upon because raw eggs can make people sick. Thankfully, I was able to talk him out of it.

He finally settled on using clay, since we have so many colors and it won't dry out like playdough does. I tried to have him do this project last night, but he had left his book at school. I told him that he would not be allowed to play any video games until this project was done, so he decided to get right to work on it when he got home from school. He used a different color for each cell part to make it easier to tell it apart from the other parts of the cell.

He also had to label each part. We discussed different techniques he could use to label them like scratching the words in the clay (the parts ended up being too small), placing stickers on them (some of the pieces would be covered by the large labels), and finally settled on a combination of labels with flags for the parts that were small. Didn't he do a good job?

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