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Another Doctor Appointment

Could I ask you all to please say a few prayers for Cheesehead? Well, for US? I'm hoping that our insurance decides to have some better coverage for THIS visit than it did the last one, I've already got collection agencies calling me daily about my old home's second mortgage that I can't afford to pay. I am also hoping that he doesn't end up working late like he usually does AND that he doesn't "accidentally" forget his appointment, I wouldn't put it past him. He HATES going to the doctor and I usually have to drag him in kicking and screaming. I'm hoping his friends at work urge him to remember his appointment and remind him to go.

I called and talked to his doctor's nurse today about the vomiting of blood (discussed at the well visit that had no follow up as of yet), the oncoming kidney stones that were diagnosed via the blood tests from previously mentioned visit, and the hernia I think he's developed. I also think he's suffering from depression. With all of the stuff we're going through, who wouldn't be? I hope the nurse took notes on our phone call because I'm sure that most of these issues will slip Cheesehead's mind.

There were no openings in the schedule but she got him worked in as soon as he's done working tomorrow. Usually I go to these appointments with him since he never mentions his problems and when we do discuss them he makes them seem like no big deal. I usually go to set the record straight. I have a job at JWMS in 8th grade math tomorrow, I offered to cancel so I could take him but I think he's seeing dollar signs now that I finally have a job on my calendar.

Frankly we desperatley need the money so I'm still going to work. Somehow I've got the feeling that I'm going to be all nerves tomorrow until I hear what's going on.

I still haven't heard about Son's medial tests either. That may be a good thing though, if it were serious I'd think they'd place a phone call to me. If you're worried about one thing, there's about a million to worry about. Am I right?

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